With the confidence, intelligence and kindness, 5-year-old Elsa Thien Long has continuously made her name honored on the world’s beauty map.

In the last May, 2019, 5-year-old Pham Thien Long (nickname Elsa Thien Long) was crowned Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in the UK. This is the first time a Vietnamese girl has been awarded this honor. Besides, Miss Diamond United Kingdom’s Organizing Committee also respectfully nominated Elsa Thien Long to attend the World Beauty Contest – Miss Tiny Regency International Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas in July 2019. Reportedly, the contest took place from July 17 to July 20 with the participation of 110 contestants, who are representative Miss from more than 30 countries around the world.

Elsa Thien Long – Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in the UK
Elsa Thien Long – Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in the UK

On July 14, Elsa said goodbye to her father Pham Thanh Long and her siblings to go to the US to attend Miss Tiny Regency International Beauty Pageant. Saying goodbye to the beloved daughter, the Speaker – Lawyer advised Elsa Thien Long to be herself, shine in her own way and do everything with passion and sharing and loving heart. “Always feel like you are on a journey and keep conquering, never feel like you reached the destination. That is our point of view in educating our children. Although Elsa was young, she grasped thoroughly that point and that is why my little daughter never stops conquering new heights”, said Mrs. Bach Le Thoa.

Elsa chụp cùng các hoa hậu thế giới

The contest is part of the Regency International Beauty Pageant held annually in the United States with the aim to select the most deserving faces representing the beauty and intelligence of the Miss World. This is also the first time a representative from Vietnam has been nominated. Despite being a contest for girls, but the strictness and professionalism of Miss Tiny Regency International Beauty Pageant is like a high-class contest. Specifically, the nominated candidates will have to go through 4 sections: Interview, fashion, evening dress and photo contest. Each contest section will account for 25% of the candidate’s total score and the person with the highest total score will be given the crown with extremely attractive rewards.

Elsa tự tin trên sàn diễn

In preparation for the time of “bringing talent to compete in a foreign country”, talented local designers prepared for Elsa Thien Long special costumes. She brought a total of 6 latest designs of fashion designers Van Valentine, Tran Thanh Man,  Cheries Nguyen ( Bao Ngoc) and Thuy Duong Bui in fashion show, show open, talent show, interaction with fans, show interview, outdoor activities, video recording and especially the final.

As the youngest contestant at the contest, Elsa proved not to be inferior when she constantly impressed everyone with the interview section within an hour. She also made the contestants of the countries and the audience admire when she wore gorgeous, fashionable and unique but innocent, pure costumes. Additionally, professional catwalk skills and excellent performance skills in front of the lens also made Elsa receive high evaluation in the judges’ eyes.

At the end of the 4-day contest, Elsa Thien Long was honored to win the 1st runner-up of Miss Tiny Regency International Beauty Pageant. She also excellently gained three extra prizes: the Platinum Award for Vision of the Future; Award …

The 1st Runner-up of Miss Tiny International revealed that after returning to Vietnam, she will initiate a charity program to express thanks to the places that have built and nourished success for Elsa. Wish our Runner-up of Miss Tiny International to connect, exchange and shine on foreign countries and always represent the shine, victory and confidence.

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