Elsa Thien Long to be crowned Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in England

Despite being under 6 years old but the youngest daughter of Speaker – Lawyer Pham Thanh Long has surprised fans when surpassing many potential competitors to be awarded by the Miss Diamond UK’s Organizing Committee to be the Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in London (the United Kingdom).

The First Vietnamese girl to become a Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam

On May 25, KIDS FASHION FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL took place at Hilton Hotel Canary (London, UK). The Organizing Committee of Miss Diamond United Kingdom contest officially awarded the Mini Miss Diamond Viet Nam (Mini Miss Diamond, Face of Vietnam) title to Pham Thien Long (Elsa ThienLong) and nominated her to attend the Mini Miss Diamond World at Las Vegas (USA) in July.

Reportedly, the event of awarding the Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam title was held and took place in a moving atmosphere with the witness of dozens of worldwide famous stylists, famous British fashion brands, Mini Miss Diamond UK Lisa, Mini Miss of other countries with more than 300 talented child models from all over the world.

For the first time in Vietnamese history, the face of Mini Miss Diamond has been honored and recognized in London – the United Kingdom which is the capital of fashion and of major pageants of the world. Pham Thien Long with a lovely nickname – Elsa who is under 6 years old, created a miracle when her name was called by the Organizing committee.

Sharing to the international press, Ms. Tina-De-Bear Bear (CEO of Miss Diamond United Kingdom) gave beautiful compliments to Elsa: “What makes BTC so impressive and gives the title of Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam to Elsa is the fact that she gives off a special attraction. She is not only talented, talkative, and able to communicate proficiently in English but also a person having a kind heart and an extremely beautiful cuteness of a 6-year-old girl. What she has done convinced all members of the Organizing Committee and we all agreed to give Elsa this title. Previously, in the history, there were only cases of Vietnamese contestants proactively going to India and the Middle East countries to take part in beauty contests, there has never been a Vietnamese contestant who was honored to receive invitation to come to the United Kingdom, the United States for participating in a Mini Miss contest. It can be said that Elsa is a “phenomenon” as she excellently conquered the Jury thanks to her talent, intelligence and kindness. I myself officially wrote a letter of guarantee for Elsa before she left for the Mini Miss Diamond World. In addition, we will also give her more training on expressions, prepare costumes, and makeup for her trip to Las Vegas from July 15 to 21. I have faith that with what Elsa showed, she will win the noble title.”

Elsa’s mother who always accompanied her shared: During nearly a week staying in the UK, everywhere Elsa Thien Long appeared, she attracted everyone by her innocence, happiness and friendliness “When coming to the UK, I had a chance to not only visit the big world, but also meet new friends with different skin colors and voices, everyone was very beautiful, talented and had many interesting things for me to learn. I have become the Mini Miss Diamond and I want to fly around the world for sending love to everyone.”

Revealing the background behind the title she just won, Elsa excitedly said that the person who inspired her to reach the dream of becoming a Mini Miss is “hybrid rose” Lisa Velkova – a Vietnamese-English child model. She has just crowned Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom and excellently won all sub-prizes of the pageant in the last April.

Reportedly, after winning Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam, Elsa will be nominated by Mini Miss Diamond UK’s Organizing Committee to participate in the Mini Miss Diamond World in Las Vegas USA in mid-July. This is the first time in the history of the Mini Miss Diamond World contest, there has been the attendance of a representative from Vietnam.

The Ambassador Charity to inspire love and happiness for children in the world.

Elsa together with her sister, LornPham (12 years old, currently living and studying in the UK) who are the bright candidates for the Miss Teen Diamond United Kingdom contest in 2020, are officially awarded by Mr. Ronnie Jacob – CEO of Cancel Cancer Africa Charity the title of Ambassador Charity in the presence of Ambassadors from Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Scotland and many other countries.

“More than a month ago, I suddenly received the announcement that Elsa was voted by the competent authorities of Cancel Cancer Africa (CCA) London to be the Ambassador Charity throughout the United Kingdom and the world. The organization also invited Elsa to London to receive the title of Ambassador Charity. This is a good news not only for Elsa and her family but also for a generation of Vietnamese girls and boys who are full of love and kindness. Our family has so far considered the fact that Elsa helps people who are in more difficult circumstances than us precious experiences to help her have love and kindness in her heart. It is the emotional stories behind every life that nourish the mind and energy for her in life. Therefore, I think that the image of Elsa will convey a strong message to children in Vietnam and around the world of mutual love and support in life”.

Immediately after receiving the title of the Ambassador Charity, Elsa and Lorne Pham joined 300 models and child models in the world to participate in the Kids Fashion Show Festival International London in 3 consecutive days July 25, 26 and 27. This international fashion show has an extremely humanistic meaning. This is one of the events aimed at raising charity funds to build hospitals, equip medical equipment and give free disease examination and treatment for poor cancer patients in Africa and around the world. In the position of 2 Ambassadors Charity, Elsa Thien Long and LornPham have had very successful performance nights together with talented young faces from countries around the world, such as: UK, France, Japan, Austria, etc.

With intelligence and kindness, Elsa Thien Long not only brings to international friends a message of a generation of talented Vietnamese children but also spread the culture and beauty of Vietnamese people to international friends. We wish that Elsa’s pure dreams will shine in the world’s beauty arena.

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