Elsa Thiên Long’s real name is Pham Thien Long,

born on October 14, 2013 in Hanoi. From grade 1 to grade 4, I studied at SIS Van Phuc School. With a dream of studying in the United States and experiencing American culture, civilization, intelligence, and contributing to society, I submitted my application to international School. I hope and believe that I can study and develop my abilities in the long term, and contribute to the development of the school.

Pham Thien Long (Elsa Thienlong ) is nice years old and lives in Ha noi-VietNam. She was born and grew up in the family of Trainer – Lawyer

Pham Thanh Long right from being a small kid, Pham Thien Long together with four other siblings were raised and taught by his parents to become independent, warm-hearted girls, boys who always pursue their passion. Mrs. Bach Le Thoa also a lawyer, her mother shared that the family has built the first bricks for children to grow up with a heart of kindness, always trying to move forward and become global citizens.

Both my parents are laywers as regards, I love to communicate and make friends with people Talkative, friendly, creative are my strengths. Besides, my father is a famous motivational speaker, Business trainer in Vietnam My mother said that when I was just a baby, the whole family get around Vietnam to set up a lot of seminars for business people and entrepreneurs and help them to get more positive thinking in mind and happier in life. I am extremely proud of my family. I have a lot of hobbies such as: singing English songs, watching Fronzen movie and playing with Princess Elsa, but my favorite thing is catwalk. I really like the feeling of standing on the professional stage, walking confidently in the light, with music and the cheering of audiences. Thanks to my mother, who leads and takes me to those colourful spaces, give me so many beautiful princess outfit, and encourage me to make a lot of new friends. I am so grateful for your love, my mother and four siblings:





Elsa is an international model who has performed in VietNam and United Kingdom. She is a model of London Fashion Festival International and House of Ikons at London Fashion Week 2019 (CEO https://www.facebook.com/ronniejacobs11 ) (CEO Savita Kaye). She is a Model of Vietnam Junior Fashionweek international2019, https://www.facebook.com/kidsfashionfestivalinternational/photos/a.170764430205502/404175206864422/?type=3&theater.

She is a Model of Festival Vietnamese Traditional Culture and International 2019 https://www.facebook.com/CVJFW/
Elsa has always been watched and reported by the media after all the events she has participated in like World Media Fashion News, the largest website for VietNamese in Uk HatNew.co.uk.Vietnamese in England page, the media from the motherland of Vietnam always brings the fastest news about Elsa, the MMMagazin



Elsa is also known as the Charity Ambassador Internatinal to Cancel Cancer Africa Internatrional (CEO Mr.Ronnie Jacobs). Elsa appears on all Poste CCA around the world. Elsa together with her sister, LornePham – Pham Hong Long (12 years old, currently living and studying in the UK) who are the bright candidates for the Miss Teen Diamond N’London contest in 2020 joined 300 models and child models in the world to participate in the Kids Fashion Show Festival International London in  2020, 2021, 2022. This international fashion show has an extremely humanistic meaning. This is one of the events aimed at raising charity funds to build hospitals, equip medical equipment and give free disease examination and treatment for poor cancer patients in Africa and around the world. In the position of 2 Ambassadors Charity, Elsa Thien Long and LornPham have had very successful performance nights together with talented young faces from countries around the world, such as: UK, France, Japan, Austria, etc.

Many charity programs in Vietnam that Elsa participates in:

AmbassadorCharity Happy_KetNoiYeuThuong_HaiPhong city Vietnam Red Cross-Mini Miss Diamond Viet Nam Elsa Thien Long day 4 & 5 worked hard, spreading her loving love to the community before she was crowned. After her coronation continued to help poor children. Nurture the dream of less fortunate children 

🤗Hanoi Television Red Cross VTV6_Elsa Thien Long is invited to be a specker of Summer Study and Play project, inspire young people to love kids model skills and exercise and read books every day

🤗Running the IRONMAN 70.3 Asia – Pacific_Vietnam Newborn Run Charity 20222022 – fund to help reduce infant mortality in Vietnam and the world. Elsa Thien Long supports ticketing, running relay, receiving water and fruits for the athletes. ThienLong VMM Ha Noi 2020, 2021. Thien Long – TECHCOMBANK HANOI MARATHON 2022. Pham Thien Long Tien Phong Marathon 63 Con Dao 20222022….

🤗Charity program initiated by Hanoi Red Cross_distributes books & candies, distributes clothes, opportunities to access the importance of reading

🤗Charity_ Sapa Mountain Children Foundation-Elsa Thien Long has brought the mission of giving love in kind: books, clothes, pens …. to children in mountainous areas of Sapa- Vietnam. Elsa’s small act of kindness made people love her. Visiting the highland children Elsa also shared with you English, writing letters. The most impressive image for everyone isElsa instructing her 60 years old to speak English and selling goods to help her.

Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam, Elsa will be nominated by Miss Diamond UK’s Organizing Committee to participate in the Miss Regency Internationnal in Las Vegas USA in mid-July. This is the first time in the history of the Mini Miss Diamond World contest, there has been the attendance of a representative from Vietnam. Elsa hopes to connect international friends and spread the value of Miss Regency International in Vietnam and the world.  Bring love with Misses to Win charity around the world with love and kindness create many legacies that leave life.  Wish Elsa dreams come true.

Elsa brought honor to Vietnam with the title  ELSA THIENLONG_Tiny Miss 1St Runner Up Regency International in Lasvegas. Elsa Thien Long wereere be very proud to bring images of Vietnamese people – culture – traditions to friends all over the world at Miss World Las Vegas competition❤

With intelligence and kindness, Elsa Thien Long not only brings to international friends a message of a generation of talented Vietnamese children but also spread the culture and beauty of Vietnamese people to international friends. We wish that Elsa’s pure dreams will shine in the world’s beauty arena.

👉Connect with Pham Thien Long:

Website: http://phamthienlong.com

Facebook profile: https://www.fb.com/elsaphamthienlong

Fanpage: https://fb.com/elsathienlong/

Youtube: http://phamthienlong.com/youtube


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